DevOps Lead Engineer

T2 Innovations - DevOps Lead Engineer

Job roles and responsibilities:

  1. Min 3 to 4 years of hands on experience Building and Implementing CI/CD pipelines
  2. Deployment to hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Anthos, Spinnaker, Kubernetes
  3. Artifact versioning strategy with Cloud Build, Container Registry
  4. Creating CI/CD pipeline triggers with Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Build GitHub App, Cloud Pub/Sub
  5. Manage infrastructure as code with Terraform / Cloud Deployment Manager
  6. Manage Service Lifecycle (create a new service, deploy it, maintain and retire it)
  7. Hands on networking and compute infrastructure (servers, databases, firewalls, load balancers).
  8. Manage different development environments (e.g., staging, production, etc.)
  9. Implementing service monitoring strategies like, Collecting logs/Metrics from Compute Engine, GKE with Stackdriver Logging, Fluentd

Technical Skills Required:

  1. Must have CI/CD with Cloud Build and GCP GKE
  2. Open source tooling (e.g. Docker, Jenkins, Spinnaker, GitLab, Concourse)
  3. Stackdriver Monitoring integrations for logging and auditing (e.g., Grafana, BigQuery)
  4. Experience reading and writing code in one or more general purpose programming languages such asJava, C++, JavaScript or Python, shell scripting
  5. Working knowledge of common open-source server-side infrastructures (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, MySQL, Cassandra, Hadoop/Spark, NGINX, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Ansible, TeamCity, OpenAPI/Swaggeretc)
  6. GCP Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification is a PLUS

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