GCP Cloud – JD

T2 Innovations - GCP Cloud – JD

Required Core Skills:

  1. Cloud Architect – 8+ years of experience
  2. Provides technical direction to teams on architecting, designing, building and deploying cloud solution for enterprise applications, with expertise in Cloud Platform Architecture and Engineering.
  3. Leads application migration projects including optimizing technical reliability and improving application performance
  4. Consults on implementing cost optimized cloud solutions (based on usage, business requirements and budget)
  5. Good understanding of cloud security frameworks and cloud Security standards
  6. Proven knowledge of application architecture, networking, security, reliability and scalability concepts; software design principles and patterns;
  7. Solid knowledge and extensive experience of GCP and its cloud services.
  8. Experience with GCP services as Compute Engine, Application Engine, and Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Functions.
  9. Experience in Networking (all foundational elements such as ACLs, Security Groups, Route Tables, Internet & Virtual Private Gateways, etc.), Secret Manager, Parameter Store …etc.
  10. Experiencing in Google storage products like Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk, Nearline, Coldline and Cloud Filestore
  11. Experience in Database products like Datastore, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner & Cloud Bigtable
  12. Experience with implementing containers using cloud native container orchestrators in GCP
  13. Strong cloud programming skill with experience in API and Cloud Functions development using Python & Node.js
  14. Proficiency in cloud automation using Ansible, Deployment Manager, or Terraform.
  15. Hands-on experience with enterprise config & DevOps tools including Ansible, BitBucket, Git, Jira and Confluence.
  16. Strong knowledge of cloud Security practices and Cloud IAM Policy preparation for GCP
  17. Knowledge and experience in API development, AI/ML, Data Lake, Data Analytics, Cloud Monitoring tool like Stackdriver
  18. Ability to participate in fast-paced DevOps and System Engineering teams within Scrum agile processes

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