Product Manager

T2 Innovations - Product Manager

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Conduct market research, competitor analysis, industry innovations, customer feedback and
    sales & marketing feedback to identify product opportunities and pain points.
  • Develop a product strategy aligning with Adrenalin’s vision and market demand
  • Manage product roadmap providing the details of prioritized features and enhancements
    based on market research, competitor analysis and customer feedback
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to detail Product requirements and user scenarios for
    the prioritized features and enhancements . Ensure that the prioritized features and
    enhancements are delivered on schedules and adhering to quality standards
  • Overall project management of road-map and release plan meeting and exceeding the
    release objectives. Identify and mitigate risks during execution of the plan.
  • Meeting customers at regular intervals through Business units or informal customer forums
    and understanding the business pain points and help address the pains.
  • Ensuring business preferred customer satisfaction index of 4/5.
  • Work closely with various departments such as Customer Implementation teams and
    Customer success teams to gather insights, align product initiatives with their needs and
    ensure successful product adoption
  • Support the marketing process by providing implementation of technical requirements for
    Internet marketing and search engine optimization.
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Sales & Delivery teams and creating the relevant content or
    tools supporting sales & delivery process.
  • Strong communication and influencing skills are crucial for effective collaboration and
    stakeholder management.
  • Strategic thinking and business acumen will enable aspiring product managers to align
    product goals with broader business objectives.
  • Customer centric mindset and empathy will help to understand and cater to their needs.
  • Analytical and data-driven decision-making will allow professionals to make informed
    choices based on evidence and insights.
  • Project management and agile methodologies are essential for successfully managing
    product development processes.
  • Leadership and team collaboration skills are crucial for working effectively with cross
    functional teams.
  • Understanding UX/UI design principles will help to create user-friendly and visually
    appealing products.
  • Market research and competitive analysis skills will help in identifying market trends and
    staying ahead of the competition.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are essential for overcoming challenges and
    finding innovative solutions.
  • Adaptability and flexibility will allow one to navigate changing market dynamics and adjust
    product strategies accordingly.
  • Knowledge on Human Resources Domain will be a catalyst for the role.
  • UX designing tools and product management tools for flow diagrams and charts will be a

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